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The7TO Hudson’s Bay Art Installation

Free art installation in Toronto? Sign me up! 

The7TO is a free pop up art installation hosted on the seventh floor of the Hudson’s Bay near Eaton Centre. It has themed spaces where you can snap a photo with a dinosaur, in a ball pit, or against a floral wall. 

The7TO has the following photo areas:

Dinosaur Butterfly wallFlamingos (Didn’t get a photo of this one)White ball pitCake land Chrome balloon entryway Hanging party streamers   Optical illusion wallFloral wall

My only qualm with the art installation is that most of the installations are not well lit. The ball pit was near the windows, so there was a decent amount of natural lighting. But the other art installations just had spot lights, which kind of messed with my photos. 🙁

Check out my photos at The7TO below: