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Rosalinda Restaurant

Looking for a cool vegan restaurant with the best plant decor in Toronto? Check out Rosalinda. Rosalinda serves “vibrant, feel-good vegan Mexican cuisine”. 

A few weeks ago I ate at Rosalinda with a friend. It was my first time eating at a vegan restaurant, and I have to say their food is soooo good! Flavourful and yummy.

Bear with my gluttony here. As I’m writing this blog, I’m realizing just how much food we ordered. But hey, in our defence, we didn’t eat breakfast and had been walking all morning. 

We ordered:

Veggie frittersAvocado tostada Roasted cauliflower tostadaTriple chocolate mousse Tres leches cake 

Rosalinda’s food is amazing. I would definitely go again if I was in the area. And I would recommend it to all my friends. 

Not only is their food good, but their plant decor is absolute goals. I spent the whole time swooning over their plants. I couldn’t capture everything, so you’ll have to go