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8 Thrifting Tips

I’m constantly revamping my closet. Thrifting has been a blessing on my wallet and hopefully planet Earth too.

I’ve learned a few things throughout my thrift store trips. Hope these tips help you out too. Happy treasure hunting thrifty friends!

Know your style preferences and gaps

Yes, clothes at thrift stores are relatively inexpensive. But there’s no sense is buying clothes you won’t wear. Get to know yourself and the styles, colours, and materials you like. 

Go through your current wardrobe. Familiarize yourself with the clothes you have. Don’t double up on the same top just because you forgot you already had something like it.

Plan your outing

I like to go thrifting in the mornings on weekdays or weekends, or late in the evenings on weekdays. I find that these are the least busiest times at my local thrift store. When it’s less busy, I can quickly get a change room and I don’t feel

Thrifting Forever 21 Jeans

Don’t buy Forever 21 jeans brand new again. Seriously, don’t. You can always find a pre-loved pair at your local thrift store.

I can always count on my local Value Village stocking some pre-loved Forever 21 jeans. I guess because Forever21 jeans usually range from $15-35 and typically go on sale, so they just end up being donated once they no longer spark joy.

I thrifted these high-waisted Forever 21 jeans for $8.99. I really like the bottom detail and loose threading. They’re a perfect fit for me and stop just above my ankles. 

These jeans are in excellent used condition. TBH I don’t think these were worn much by the previous owner.